Internet/Mobile Startups

TAB is a Micro VC for internet/mobile startups. Before investing, TAB provides boostup consulting, and actively works together to generate mutual synergies. After investment, TAB focuses on momentum business growth and leads follow-on investment and global partnership.

Business Boostup Consulting

  • Company vision and growth plan check
  • Understanding product/service
  • User value and industry impact
  • Criticizing and challenging
  • Discussing momentum

Momentum Partnership

  • Constant Issues communication
  • Discussing additional projects
  • Business alliance and intro of partners

Project Execution & Momentum Investment

  • Resource Investment
  • Equity Investment (optional)
  • Corporate Identity Development
  • Brand Development
  • New product concent planning & design
  • Supporting momentum execution

Global Growth & Exit

  • Investor introduction
  • Going global
  • Performance achievement