Manufacturing Firms

TAB provides boostup consulting, and offers strategy consulting if there is a definite confidence about results. Upon consulting, TAB heavily involves in project execution as an official business partner, supporting creative product concept development, professional design, branding and momentum investment.

Business Boostup Consulting

  • Company vision and growth plan check
  • Understanding product/service
  • User value and industry impact
  • Criticizing and challenging
  • Discussing momentum

Strategy Consulting

  • Company Analysis
  • Issue and Solution Discussion
  • Proposing Growth Strategy
  • Growth Stage Map
  • Corporate Identity Rebuilding
  • Brand Restructuring
  • Proper Target Redefine (market/consumer)
  • New Product/Service Proposal
  • Designing Momentum

Project Execution & Momentum Investment

  • Resource Investment
  • Equity Investment(optional)
  • Corporate Identity Development
  • Brand Development
  • New product concent planning & design
  • Supporting momentum execution

Global Growth & Exit

  • Investor introduction
  • Going global
  • Performance achievement